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Laptop Checkout Agreement

In order to check out and use the library's circulating laptops, all students, faculty, and staff must agree to the following Laptop Checkout Agreement prior to their first laptop checkout. All patrons checking out one or more of the library's laptops is bound to the conditions of the agreement for the duration of each checkout. For additional conditions, see the library's borrowing policies and fines pages.

Laptop Checkout Agreement
Thomas F. Holgate Library
Bennett College
Rev. 8/18/10

I, _______________________________ agree to the following laptop checkout terms:

1.      I am a currently enrolled Bennett College for Women student or College employee (faculty or staff). I understand that the laptops and accessories (e.g., headsets) are for use ONLY within the library with College ID.

2.      I will not leave the laptop or accessories unattended.

3.      I understand that the laptop checkout period is for two hours. I will be able to renew a laptop along with accessories after my checkout period has expired ONLY if another eligible person is not waiting to checkout a laptop or the accessory OR if the library is not scheduled to close in two hours or less. I will return the laptop along with all accessories when due, or I will be charged a fee of $.25 for each hour or any portion thereof that the laptop or accessory is overdue with a maximum of $10.00.

4.      I understand that if I lose or damage a laptop or a laptop accessory item, I will be charged a replacement fee for the laptop not to exceed $2100.00 and a replacement fee for each accessory not to exceed $350.00. In addition to the replacement fees, I will also be charged a processing fee of $25.00 in order to replace a laptop and, if applicable, a processing fee of $25.00 for each accessory.

5.      I will return the laptop along with accessories to the circulation desk at least 15 minutes prior to my checkout period expiring in order to allow time for the check-in process to be completed. I am responsible for planning my time accordingly and I will not rely on the time on the laptop nor the clocks in the library due to the fact that they may be inaccurate.

6.      I am responsible for providing my own storage media (i.e. floppy disk, CD/RW, USB etc.) in order to save any file(s) I created or downloaded. I will not hold the college liable for the misuse or deletion of any files I inadvertently saved to the hard drive nor for any items left inside any laptop component.

7.      I will not install, remove, or modify any of the software, hardware and accessories provided with the laptop in the checkout program. Doing so may result in the suspension of my privileges and/or the accrual of fines.

8.      I will review and abide by the College’s computing & Networking policy and the Thomas F. Holgate Library policies. I understand that violation of either may result in appropriate penalties.

                ________________________                ___________________                             ____________

                Borrower’s Signature                             Student ID#                                                  Date (M/D/Y)     

Need additional help? Contact Ms. Julia Scott, the Circulation Librarian, or the Circulation Desk at 336-517-2139.