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Holgate Library Staff

Library Director

Ms. Joan Williams

Phone:  336-517-2141

The director of library services has management oversight of library resources for the provision of services to support all college programs, and to manage the performance of other administrative and related professional librarian duties required for the effective operation of the library. Specific duties include:
                • Prepares and recommends the library budget.
                • Allocates resources to the various departments to develop collections in the various disciplines.
                • Prepares reports.
                • Plans and arranges library programs and activities.
                • Supervises and evaluates the performance of library personnel.
                • Attends committee, management and professional meetings.
                • Writes long-range library plans.
                • Plans professional activities for the library staff.
                • Participates in grant writing projects.

                                                                               Night Librarian (Vacant)
              • Assists with collection development and deselection

     Circulation Librarian

      Mrs. Julia Scott

      email:    jscott@bennett.edu
      phone:   336-517-2139

            • Manages all circulation activities including collection access, shelving, patron registration, and checkouts.
            • Maintains circulation statistics and patron records.
            • Reports patron fines and fees to the Business and Finance office.
            • Maintains the course reserves section.
            • Maintains the print periodical collection.
            • Provides cooperative borrowing services via  inter-library loan.

        Archivist/Museum Curator

Mrs. Danisha Baker-Whitaker

        Email: dbaker-whitaker@bennett.edu

Phone: (336) 517-1833

          • Collaborates with library colleagues in research and instructional to develop and        conduct library instruction sessions using special collections and archives                   materials.
          • Catalogs, arranges, describes and processes archival materials according the           national standards of the Society of American Archivist
          • Manages digital production operation to include creating metadata                                       using Dublin Core and scanning archival materials.  
          • Evaluates records for preservation and retention- some may be fragile and need careful handling, repair or conservation.
          • Plans events and conducts other outreach activities on campus and in the
          • community to promote the integration of Special Collections and Archives in
          • instruction, research, and community engagement.
          • Assists with students' research and historical preservation project           
                                             System Research Instruction Librarian (vacant     
          •  Conducts research and reference assistance  and by appointment
          • Teaches library instruction sessions on resources and services
          • Develops and implements Reference assessment
          • Develops and implements Instructional Services assessment
          • Performs collection development 
          • Support and enhance Integrated Library System
          • Liaison to the following academic programs (request materials)